SpotlightHK is an agency focused on realising brands' authentic values, telling their stories, and creating an impact in their brand to customer connection

Our Approach.

We specialise in content marketing & branding with a focus on customer engagement and connection. In the age of individuality and digitalization, a distinct brand with optimally distributed content is the bedrock for a robust & impactful online brand presence.

Our Process

Our process relies on a collaborative spirit & an informed creative process. Regardless of which of our services we provide, our core process remains the same:

1. Identify

This stage is where we consult with our clients about their core values, mission, & vision. What is important to the brand now, how they see the brand growing in the future, and what got them started.

– Audience Auditing & Targeting
– Competitor Analysis
– Positioning & identity
– Brand Philosophy

2. Strategize

Be it for a campaign, branding, or re-branding, we create strategies that are meant to stay for the long-run. This means identifying short-term KPI’s & creating an iterative strategy that continuously optimizes itself with new data.

– Content Conceptualisation
– Brand Guidelines
– Distribution Strategy
– Brand/Campaign KPI’s

3. Create

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Launching a brand or campaign requires a lot of planning & organising, that’s where we come in. We help to handle everything from scheduling shoots & consulting designs to content distribution & analysis.

– Production
– Design
– Scheduling & Distribution
– Analytics & Optimization

Our Philosophy.

Marketing & Branding is not a one-size fit’s all solution. Though we may have many skills & services, the selection of tactics is what’s most important. After understanding your brand’s objectives, we curate a package of services that optimizes efficiency & effectiveness.

Why Collaboration is Key

Understanding a brand is the most powerful tool in marketing & branding. That’s why we have a strong belief in the act of collaboration. Using our expertise and understanding in analytical & creative marketing, we look at where and how your brand can reach it’s fullest, and most authentic potential.

Our tools

Creative Content
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Google Ads
Google Adwords
Facebook Pixels